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RFTech SuperWiz (details)

A detailed map is implemented, making possible the positioning with 100m precision of the remote stations (more details are available in large cities)

The main window facilitates the access to all the information about the remote stations, including physical positioning, characteristics, contact persons.

The remote station detailed window offers information about the current status of the station (in a standard industrial fashion) and information about the history of the actions and events for that particular station.

The full database can be accessed, and the data can be filtered (after station, date, time, signal, type of action) to show only relevant information.

Every event in the station has the associated action taken by the supervisory memorized for further reference

The connections with the remote stations can be made automatically at some period of time, or on request (by the supervisory). Between connections the software enters a "listen" state. In this state the stations can initiate a GSM call in case of emergency (depending of the station slave implementation: sensors, fault detection etc.).

Every fault is signaled visually and auditory, and the software centers the action on the affected station.