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RFTech SuperWiz

"RFTech SuperWiz" is a complex supervisory software conceived initially to control and command 14 remote facilities, grouped in 2 subregions in Ploiesti region (40 by 30 km). The connection between the master station and the remote slaves was implemented using GSM modems (Nokia 32) and the Modbus protocol.

The software's main assets are :

  • scalability: easy to modify everything
  • graphic user interface: easy to use by non trained people
  • detailed maps for physically positioning the remote stations
  • database nucleus (MS Access) for the events and history.

The nucleus of this software is controlled by an Access database, so different configurations (no. of remote stations/characteristics of each remote station) are available immediately on demand. Development license allows our clients to perform themselves the configuration and sell our application as a part of their SCADA solution. Different database content makes the same software to fulfill different functions.

The protocol used for the communication with the slaves is Modbus, on the physical layer RS232 and serial GSM modem communications are available instantly, other ways of communications are ensured shortly on demand.

More details, including more screenshots are available here