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Industrial Applications

Our company's main field of activity is the production of a complete line of measuring, command and control devices (SCADA), using a central processing unit as the main device (master).


Our main product is "RFTech SuperWiz", a supervisory software conceived initially to control and command 14 remote facilities in Ploiesti region (40 by 30 km), using GSM modems. The nucleus of this software is controlled by an Access database, so different configurations (no. of remote stations/characteristics of each remote station) are available immediately on demand. Development license allows our clients to perform themselves the configuration and sell our application as a part of their SCADA solution. The protocol used for the communication with the slaves is Modbus, on the physical layer RS232 and serial GSM modem communications are available instantly, other ways of communications are ensured shortly on demand.

"RFTech PQM" is a complex device for power quality monitoring. A computer uses an external acquisition board to measure the voltages and currents in a three phase system, and performs a real time analysis of this data. Continuous (in time) information about the power quality (including harmonics) is available.

"Lung exploration" is a software which performs functional lung exploration in medicine. The acquired signal is analyzed through spectral analysis and neural network classification. This device is not ready for distribution. Partners for practical implementation are needed.

We offer freely "Modbus Serial": a software which facilitates serial communication computer/computer or computer/device (Modbus industrial protocol is used), eventually through a GSM modem.