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LogView (freeware)

current version 1.0.0 (initial release) - download


The main purpose of this software is to watch in real-time the changes to a file. It is intended to watch a text file but can be used with any file on disk.

The necessity arises from a typical web development under the Windows operating system (Apache Web server + PHP + some HTML editing software). The errors committed in development are accurately shown by the PHP interpreter in the Apache error log, but the user access to this file is rather complicated (and by the time the log reaches some MB in dimension, we personally find it difficult to use notepad as the log reader).

What will this software do?

LogView will watch for changes a file that the user chooses. If changes are detected, the icon in the task bar will flash and a balloon hint will appear. All the changes in the log since a reset will be clearly shown. The entire log file is also read and accessible to the user if he wishes. The auto check time can be chose between 0.1s and 10s or the update can be manual.

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