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current version 1.0.0 (initial release) - download


From the menu you can minimize the application, choose the log file, reset LogView (clears the Log Change Area), manually update (if auto update is off).

The menu appears on right clicking the tray icon when the application is minimized, the minimize command reverting to Restore.

In the settings area you can set the auto update options. If auto update is set to on, moving the mouse up/down will increase/decrease the update time (up to 10s and down to 0.1s).

If auto update is set to off, the update can be manually triggered from the menu (Update or Reset, depending whether or not you want the changes log cleared).

   The tray icon shows if changes are present in the Log Change Area.

If changes are detected, the tray icon begins to flash and a hint balloon appears to inform you about the changes.

Known issues

For the 1.0.0 release there is a issue we are working on. We are trying to make the application disappear from the taskbar when the user minimizes the window but, also the tray icon and the functionality it offers are implemented, the application still shows in the task bar (even if the form visibility is set to "hidden"). This will be corrected shortly so return soon.