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RFTech SuperWiz (RFTech Dispecer - romanian)

License Price Conditions
Single 500 € SuperWiz configuration for your application. RS 232 serial communication with the slaves (Modbus protocol). Specific comunication services (modem, GSM, different protocols) may have supplemental costs.
Development 2.500 € The system can be configured: slaves can be added/removed, slave's definition can be changed. Database control software is included. Unlimited distribution of the configured applications (single license equivalent) to others.
Development plus 5.000 € Development + full sources.

ModBus Serial - freeware

RFTech PQM (Power Quality Monitoring)

License Price Conditions
Single 200 € The presented analog-digital acquisition board is used. Use of other boards implies supplemental costs.
Development plus 10.000 € Full sources, with access to some original, improved signal processing methods. Details

Association for development of an official accepted device (in different countries) can bring you some special conditions, contact us.

Functional lung exploration

This device is not ready for distribution. Partners for practical implementation are needed.


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