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Our company produces personalized software. You can contact us to tell us what you need and we will shortly respond with an offer. The price and execution time depend on the complexity of your problem.

We provide desktop applications for the Windows operating systems (database aware and Internet/network aware if needed). Also our capabilities include purely on-line applications (from simple web design to complex database applications). Full solutions (web hosting or implementation of an application server for you) are available.


  • CAS (BAC) - Blood Alcohol Concentration: Professional software for the calculus of the blood alcohol concentration. Conceived for the official institutions (Forensic Investigations). Any use that is against your local laws is strictly forbidden.
  • Survey - On-line Survey: On-line application on our server. Your clients will prefer spending some minutes on the web to answer your questions rather than mailing you the same survey on paper. Deployment on your server is also available.


Some accessories developed because we needed them in our work are freely available on our site or on some freeware collection on the web. Feel free to use them as you wish:

  • LogView - Real-time watch of a file: A little software that watch in real-time the changes to a file. It is intended to watch a text file but can be used with any file on disk. The necessity arises from a typical web development under the Windows operating system (Apache Web server + PHP + some HTML editing software).
  • Modbus Serial: Software which facilitates serial communication computer/computer or computer/device (Modbus industrial protocol is used), eventually through a GSM modem.